Metabolomics Workflow

Metabolomics Workflow

PMI Metabolomics workflow is a scientific study of chemical processes involving metabolites. Specifically, we perform a systematic study to identify unique chemical fingerprints that specific cellular processes leave behind. The metabolic profiling can give an instantaneous snapshot of the physiology of that cell. The workflow suppliments other PMI workflows to give a more complete picture of PMI specific organisms.

Step 1: 
Experiment generic information like PI, experimentor etc. Add extra info into the notes/comments secion as required.
General Experiment Information
  1. Entered Date
  2. Experiment Name
  3. Experimentor / Analyst
  4. Associated PIs
  5. Instrument or Mode of Analysis
  6. Sample Preparation Date

Step 2: 
All experiment specific technical information, like lab notebook identifier, pre-preparation chemical details etc.
Instrument Details and Input
  1. Sequence Name
  2. Notebook Reference
  4. Instrument Input File (File, Parsable)

Step 3: 
Instrument output file. These are raw files that instrument spits out at the end of the run. These files are used to construct the run results.
Instrument .d Files
  1. Instrument .d Files (File, Non-parsable)

Step 4: The consolidated results file. The files has all the details about the run and the identified output.

Title:  Results
  1. Results File (File, Non-parsable)