Plant Microbe-Interfaces Aim 3

Constructed communities for gaining insights into collective plantmicrobiome function

In Aim 3, we will continue to advance experimental systems for understanding collective plant-microbiome function using constructed communities. We will mine the rich biological space afforded by our microbial collection that contains greater than 200 sequenced strains and 1084 resequenced Populus genomes to design constructed communities of defined complexity. A key goal of Task 3.1 is the development of reference systems consisting of a single host genotype and a consortium of a select number of microbial species. These reference systems will be constructed initially using qualitative measures, leveraging our initial constructed community efforts, to guide the choice of microbial constituents. We will transition to computationally designed consortia, using co-occurrence networks applied to the results of our Aims 1 & 2 studies. Key to these efforts will be establishing a reproducible system with predictable performance to enable questions regarding specific species and gene contributions to the collective microbiome. Further, we will advance technologies to define the functional niche distribution and partitioning of microbial species across plant tissues.

Aim 3 Tasks