Plant Microbe-Interfaces Aim 1

Characterizing host drivers of the Populus microbiome

Over the course of the next 3 years, we will (1) produce the first comprehensive description of the diversity of bacterial and fungal associates that is explicitly linked to the genomic composition and phenotypic variation in the host plant, Populus; (2) gain an improved understanding of host genomic, phenotypic, and environmental factors that influence this diversity and relate this to function where possible through improved metaomic approaches; and (3) generate a catalog of host candidate genes for further molecular characterization. Additionally, we will create the most extensive and representative culture collection of microbial associates ofPopulus worldwide. This catalog will allow us to pursue further studies on the mechanisms underlying these interkingdom relationships and community assembly.

Aim 1 Tasks

Figure: Overview of the subtasks in Aim 1.

Aim 1 Related Publications

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